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Meeting with members of the House of Representatives in Japan



Written Question: Attracting financial technology start-ups to develop businesses in Hong Kong

It has been reported that quite a number of financial technology (Fintech) start-up companies (start-up companies) have chosen Singapore, instead of Hong Kong, as their first choice for establishing their presence when developing their businesses in Asia.

Publish Date: 2016-6-29

Written Question: Leakage of personal data

According to the report on the work of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) in 2015, 98 data breach incidents were reported to the PCPD in 2015, affecting 871 000 Hong Kong individuals and representing an increase of 40 per cent and 17.5 times respectively when compared with the 70 incidents and 47 000 individuals affected in 2014.

Publish Date: 2016-6-22

Written Question on Establishment of bazaars

It has been reported that according to the findings of a recent survey, nearly 90 per cent of the practitioners in the tourism industry were “worried” or “very worried” about the prospect of the tourism industry in Hong Kong.

Publish Date: 2016-6-15

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