Farewell to the Legislative Council Building

Hon KP Chan on Farewell to the Legislative Council Building:

•    As a new Member to the Legislative Council, I am honoured to join the current term and work in this century-old historical building before the relocation.  I am sure that fellow Members of all parties would agree to the significance of this Building to Hong Kong.  It has witnessed the rise and fall as well as the gain and lost in local politics for almost 100 year, particularly after becoming the home of the Legislative Council in 1985 under British Administration.

•    Working in this Building for three years is a sentimental experience.  There were both times of joy and times of despair, but I remember them all.   Above all, I met four comrades who share the same vision.  As a newcomer with no political affiliation, different parties and groups had asked me to join their camps.  They were serious and resilient in lobbying.  One day, I told the Hon Lam Tai-fai, with whom I am acquainted, that if we did not work together as a group we might be left with no other choice than getting “married” with parties.  Thus, the five of us who happened to share the same vision and sit next to each other formed a new alliance.

•    The media calls us Wusanren (Gang of Solo-5 or GS5), to which I felt weird at first, but it indeed best describes our unique working relationship.  We started to meet for breakfast on the day of weekly Council sitting.  As some could not come on time owing to morning prayers, we then met on Fridays in this Building instead.  Yet full gang still could not meet as regular as we would like.  We now communicate by phone on matters of significance and meet when necessary.

•    Many people are under the impression that we are disorganized.  We are rather lax in organization but not in business.  Our principle is mutual respect and harmony despite discordance.   Yet, our minds are close.  Although it is too early to talk about the new term of office, may I take this opportunity to speak my mind?  If all five of us did stand for re-election next year, let us look forward to the return of full gang to the new Legislative Council Building.

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