Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Plan to be Implemented by the United States for New Vehicles

MR CHAN KIN-POR (in Cantonese): All right. I would like to ask a question about the last paragraph of the main reply. We all know that purely electric vehicles still have many technical problems to be solved, for example, the vehicle battery charging device requires replacement because of easy ageing, and the mileage and speed of the vehicle will be limited after each charge. Will the Government conduct a study on hybrid vehicles propelled by fuel and electric power, and to what extent is this possible?

SECRETARY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT (in Cantonese): President, besides electric vehicles, we will also conduct a study on other hybrid vehicles just mentioned by Mr CHAN as well. Basically, we can see that the Government has a technically neutral attitude towards the current tax concessions for environment-friendly vehicles, that is, if some vehicles adopt certain energy saving technologies or if they can reduce emissions, we will encourage their use. We have also noticed that, in the course of the development of electric vehicles, that is, the gradual development from the necessary engines and ancillary electric power to fully electric vehicles, there are actually other types of vehicles and we will pay attention to these as well.

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