Economic & Livelihood Affairs

Proposed multifaceted measures to solve the root causes

Speech at the CouncilThe recent unrest in HK is not only caused by political issues but there are root causes, including housing unaffordable and lack of opportunities for the young people to move up. I have proposed the following to the Government: 1. Adopt a long term policy modeling on the Singapore housing strategy to aim at over 80% of the people living in public housing. 2. Creat more job opportunities and business startups for the young people. 3. Develop a social media platform for the young people to communicate with the Senior Government officials. 4. Full review of the way the Government disseminate information to the public, including new PR strategies for social media. 5. Develop strategies to rebuilt the trust between people and the Government.

Re-elected as the Chairman of the Finance Committee (FC)

As the LegCo building was seriously damaged on 1st July, 44 items involving HK$70 billion was not able to be put to discussion and vote at LegCo. I have been elected as the Chairman of the Finance Committee for the new term 2019/2020, consecutively for 5 years. In order to speed up the approval of funds, I have called for additional meetings every week.

Urged the government to prepare for the worse

HK is experiencing a economic recession and I have urged the government to prepare for the worse. They should be ready for measures to help the low income people, SMEs and the business community.
Express opinions to the Chief Executive regarding the Policy Address

Visiting the YangTze River Delta, the experience is very useful for the development of HK

In April, the LegCo organized a visit to Shanghai and Hangzhou to visit development projects, including the head quarter of Alibaba in the YangTze River Delta. We are all very impressed and their experience is very useful for the development of the GBA and HK.
Visit the Yangtze River Delta Region

Explain my view to the public through social media

As a LegCo member, I need to explain to the public my views on the government policies and my comments on the latest development of HK. Since 3 years ago, I started my Facebook page and pleased to report that my page has over 64,000 followers now. Many of my posts have reached more than 200,000 views in a few days. I will continue to use this social media to distribute information to the public.

Social sharing