Core Values

1. Vitalize the Economy, Create Jobs

In light of enormous changes of the Mainland economy, structural adjustments in Hong Kong are inevitable. Vitalizing the economy, strengthening Hong Kong as an international centre and promoting the six core industries are the new priorities. I believe we should endeavour to drive economic development and create wealth in Hong Kong, as well as generate more employment opportunities for the citizens.

2. Drive Labor Harmony, Create Quality Living Together

I believe employers and employees should not be confrontational in relationship but mutually cooperative and supportive in harmony. Interests of both employers and employees should be equally protected. Apart from the legislative approach, employers should promote work-life balance, such as adopting flexible working hours and other measures, to enable a quality working environment for employees, allowing them to have dignity in work and relief labor disputes.

3. Maintain Family Core Value, Create Societal Harmony

Although Hong Kong people are known to be restless workers, they should realize that family is an indispensable and important pillar of life. As family is also a crucial building block of the community, harmonious families would help make stable and harmonious society. Lack of care and communications in families were in part to blame for the frequent family tragedies in recent years. I believe that parents should be role models in caring for their children and help them grow healthily with love. Meanwhile, Hong Kong should eneavour to bring teenagers back on the right track, give them broader room in life and thoughts and teach them right personal values.

4. Help the Underprivileged, Eliminate Poverty

As the Hong Kong economy is in transformation, the lower class is retreating to low-income work and struggling in poverty. They are not sharing the fruit of prosperity. As their children are grown up in an underprivileged setting, they might be incapable of overcoming the fate of poverty. Actually, a society of acute rich/poor disparity is a society of problems and instability. This is also one of the underlying sources of ineffective governance in recent years. I believe that our primary task is to improve the livelihood of the lower class.

5. Reduce Pollution, Reopen Blue Sky

Pollution is getting worse. Apart from endangering health of the people, it is also shaking confidence of investor’s confidence. To give our next generation a better life, I believe we should endeavour to protect our environment, endeavour to improve our air quality and endeavour to support environmental protection measures.

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